We are always happy to answer your calls and emails about any questions regarding your CE, but we know you’re busy, and sometimes, it’s tough to find a few minutes to call! So we thought we’d take this opportunity to address your most frequently asked questions:

I completed a course but didn’t print my certificate. Can I go back and access my certificates?

Whether your subscription is active or not, you always have access to your certificates. To access your certificates, log into your account, then click My Account, Manage My Account, CE Activity. The page that comes up is your transcript. Print your certificates by clicking on the small printer icons on the right side of the page.

I am unsure about my biennium dates.

Your biennium begins on the 1st day of your birth month and ends 2 years later on the last day of the month before your birth month. For example, if your birthday is October 11, your biennium begins on October 1 and ends two years later on September 30. If you are unsure about the years corresponding with your biennium, contact the ARRT or log onto your ARRT Dashboard.

I completed a course but the credit is not showing in my transcript.

Because we want to constantly improve, we need your feedback. Therefore, we ask that you complete a short survey regarding each course after you complete it. Once you complete the survey, your certificate will be released. You are prompted to complete a survey as soon as you submit a test. If you don’t have time, or if your device times out, you can always complete the survey on a later date. Log into your account, then click My Account, Manage My Account, CE Activity. Click where you see “Complete Survey.” Once you submit the survey, the credit you earned for the course will be noted in your transcript and the corresponding certificate will be released.

Some of the CE I completed with you is not showing up on my transcript.

eRADIMAGING keeps a record of all the CE completed with us. If you see only some of CE you’ve completed with us, chances are, you have multiple eRADIMAGING accounts. We can fix this easily by merging your accounts. Please call or email us to merge accounts.

My name changed. I can’t figure out how to change it on my account.

We need to do this for you. Call or email us. Once we change your name, your transcript and certificates will be updated automatically with the correct name.

How do I report my credits to the ARRT?

Report online through your ARRT Dashboard. All the information you’ll need to report is on your eRADIMAGING transcript. To print your transcript, log into your eRADIMAGING account, click My Account, Manage My Account, CE activity. Click the printer icon to print the transcript, log into your ARRT account, then follow the prompts.

As always, feel free to call or email us anytime with questions. We are here to help you! And please don’t forget to connect with us on social media. We want to hear from you!

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