What’s This New Thing Called CQR?

As a medical imaging technologist, you have invested a great deal of time, money, and effort into your career.  You are working in an exciting, ever-changing field–a very challenging field in many ways. 

There have been incredible changes to the health care industry over the past few years. Perhaps now, more than ever, patients are demanding the highest quality of care. As a medical  professional, you are challenged with interacting with patients and teammates as well as keeping up with the latest research, standards, and technology. 

To help ensure safety and the highest quality of care, many credentialing organizations have created long-term requirements for maintaining credentials. The ARRTR has also created long-term requirements, called Continuing Qualifications Requirements (CQR), to help medical imaging technologists assess and improve their knowledge and ability to provide high-quality care, as well as to refresh their understanding of areas in which they may not currently practice. 

Medical imaging technologists are now required to complete CQR once every 10 years for each ARRTR credential earned since 2011.  Registered Radiologist Assistants are required to participate regardless of when the credential was earned.  If it’s time for you to participate in CQR, the ARRTR will notify you via your ARRTR Dashboard.  You will then have three years to complete the three-step process: 

– First, you will complete a Professional Profile, identifying the types of procedures you perform and how often you perform them. You will also see how your experience compares to others in your discipline.

– Next, you will complete a Structured Self-Assessment, a series of questions that will help you identify any gaps in knowledge. 

– Finally, if your SSA reveals the need, the ARRTR will prescribe specific CE activities. In most cases, prescribed CE activities will also count towards biennium CE requirements.  Many of the courses we offer at eRADIMAGING can be used toward both CE and CQR. 

The ARRTR offers three excellent videos to explain this process further. You can check them out here:

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